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We put out warnings [Started on 8/25/2019 - its at the top of our home page [map gif file] : We posted wait till an all clear was given Well then this happens [Weather Channel in morning] For Her Friends in Miami] - the Weather Channel In The Morning gave an all clear while a CAT -5 was sitting off the coast [ You all know while the Bahamas was getting torn up] - She said she grew up in Florida and well need we say more- We were the first ones to issue a storm warning before it was headed north [ Before it even came near PR][Fact} - people need to listen and pay attention as they had on the coast [When they saw things were getting real] - we NO longer recommend the Weather Channel on any level - everyone knows our site - most do- Buy a NOAA radio - they would never give an all clear with a CAT-5 off our shore line. People died in the Bahams [ask her what she has to say about that? [Incompetence] More On Our Bug Out Page - Link In Header Below

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Aqua Garden Projects
Living in a ultimate tiny home is a great life style.
Providing food - water and many other ways to live a great life
Live outside the norm - enjoy life !
They want you tied to the grid. ! Have fun instead You can disconnect from the grid and enjoy it. .
There is more to life then making someone else rich and you can provide yourself free food and power and just better health all around , enjoy something - it - has great health benefits.No stress lowers blood pressure. Less stress on your heart and pocket book
Live FREE ! You can damn near live on next to nothing and investing what you do make to make a better life for your family !
It's up to you, join us in making Life Great Again.
Craigslist Find
Listed as a party boat - perfect little tiny home - comes with front and back porch. Great project boat for adding solar panels on, the ideas are endless with these
Welcome to the off grid !
Solar - Wind Options are huge in this day and age and becoming more affordable.
From Home Depot To Walmart To a lot of other good business's, so you think we are wrong about being off grid , we don't think so when all the great business's in this country and around the world are selling these products.

Ultimate Tiny Home Project
Ok Land Lovers eat your heart out.
You all can take your Tiny Homes up in the woods, well we can take ours in the water and in the woods.
The Ultimate Tiny Home On Wheels
By land or by sea you can't beat it !'
Finding your starting point
You can buy one , make , the starting points are endless
Craigslist , Ebay, you can find projects that others have given up on and get great deals, they are out there if you look.
Getting Started with your project !
We will be updating our sites every weekend and when we get time.
Bad ass idea here you can take your tiny home any place you like , pretty cool. On the lakes , river way, and up in the woods the Ultimate tiny home, you never have to worry about a flood !

Survivalist Training Guide Prepper Off Grid Living

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2/11/2020 :: Chairman of the Munich Security Conference (MSC) Wolfgang Ischinger speaks during a press conference in Berlin, Germany, on Feb. 10, 2020. The upcoming 56th Munich Security Conference will discuss a theme coined as "westlessness", the loss of the common standing of what it means to be part of the West, according to a report published on Monday. (Xinhua/Ren Ke)
Tiny House Boats
They have been around for along time and just growing to fit the market. Below are old ads that we came across on the net.
Back in the day when people didn't have laptops, cell phones , when people had work, why because people were outdoors buying , building , traveling, riding bikes and enjoying life, the list goes on.
We will point out we do get out and enjoy life ourselves.
It will improve your health, and you might lower your blood pressure, you might just lose that gut you have growing.
We got something to say, we say it.