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Survivalist VS Technology.


Selected Data from Fourteen Wildcat Wells in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska
Data originally released through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Geophysical Data Center Boulder, CO
Data Set Name: Split Well Core on Slides
Data Set Number: TGY-0240
Data Announcement: 83-TGB-09
USGS Open File Report 00-200: Walakpa 1 Core
Anja Kobstädt - Sedimentologist at the OMV core sample archive
“The core samples do not only provide important information in the search for hydrocarbons, they are also a key puzzle piece that helps us better understand the earth’s history.”

                                       Read the cover

       The one to the left  - For the year of Our Lord  1829.

                                    By the Rev. John Taylor

                                                                             People say you can not predict the weather , we have heard it many times. Funny thing happened - we had complained for years about taking core samples - just this past year - it was pasted around that people were going to do it. Our planet has gone through many changes. Amazing how ignorance and arrogance plays a big part in our world. Some say we are the ones with the issue - I think not - when we have been spot on with thing's. One might ask ? Then why does one read our sites. Hmm -  maybe because we are good at what we do - or maybe we are a curiosity of sorts.

                                                                            Through out history  people have become jealous - narcissistic in many ways, by this we mean in simple terms "Your raining on someone's parade"  Its human history - that feeling of wanting to be number one. I'm sure Shakespeare would agree  with this " Your stealing the spot light ". You get the point   Either - or - in reality - in our world neighbor helps neighbor - no glory hounds - people working together for a common cause. And in respect - the Glory belongs to  God.

                                                                           We are going to address the Global Spectrum - junk science is junk science. The rest of us deal in reality. As far as core samples - they can be found - they already exsist - we cover this on this page - just scroll down. Other core samples still need to be taken. Like we said ! - its Climate change not Global Warming. Now what is junk science ? Its a man called Al Gore. The rest of the world went to using the words Climate Change [ Your welcome ! ] . Story for another day - a long one !

                                                                        Being survivalist - we didn't need the core samples to know what is going on - simple - its just giving you proof we are right about things. Like we stated - we are not looking for glory - we are trying to save the planet and humanity. Things need to change. If we do nothing - we will have nothing !


People relied on knowledge for 1000's of years - not junk science .
Climate Change Is real

                                                                                               Finding Core Samples Its No Secert

                                                       This has been done in many Industries - now the trick is  getting people to work together on a level playing field - putting forth new studies - no more hiding the facts -  Well no since reinventing the wheel.