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3/21/2020 ::: COVID-19 If we do not fight this Virus Together World Wide Everyone in the world is screwed including our troops in the Middle East - There is no cure at this point this includes Africa as well as Israel - Turkey and many other countries - your hatred of Iran will not only KILL THEM but take everyone else in the path of this Virus - ITS A PANDEMIC! Just Look at our Country " Death on our door step " Your incompetence might have just wiped out humanity as we know it.

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What is off grid living ?

In diesem Kurs vermittelt Kanjuro Shibata XXI, kaiserlicher Bogenbaumeister, die traditionelle Technik des Bambusbogenbaus.
Der Yumi ist eine stark asymmetrische Bogenform, die speziell im Kyudo, einer Kampfkunst die bis ins 16. Jh. zurückgeht, zum Einsatz kommt.
Dieser Film zeigt Impressionen aus dem im Sommer 2015 im Kurszentrum Niederalteich stattgefundenen Workshop. Zu sehen ist unter anderem das Härten von Bambus, die Auswahl und Vorbereitung der äußeren Bambuslagen, das Verleimen des Bogens mit Hilfe von Kordel und Bambuskeilen, das erste Auflegen der Sehne beim Yumi sowie die Endbearbeitung der Bögen.

                                                                                             Hunting - Gathering - Building

                                               Seems like something out of your old school books - learning how people use to live - is it any different then today - No - We only live in a different time period that is controlled by the money machine - People have forgotten how to live - live free with in a system - Hunting - Gathering - Building we still do this only in a different since of the words. Mix the old with the new - you now have The Off Grid Life Style. 

Concrete Jungle = Critical Mass

Kanjuro Shibata XXI, imperial bow master builder, teaches the traditional technique of bamboo arch construction.


​                                       Is it so primitive ? Nothing has really changed much other then the construction of the weapon used in hunting - people still hunt with a bow and arrow - below are photos from the past to modern times.


In this course Kanjuro Shibata XXI, imperial bow master builder, teaches the traditional technique of bamboo arch construction.
The Yumi is a strongly asymmetrical arch form used specifically in kyudo, a martial art dating back to the 16th century.
This film shows impressions from the workshop held in summer 2015 in the Niederalteich course center. The exhibits include bamboo hardening, selection and preparation of the outer bamboo layers, gluing the bow with the help of a cord and bamboo wedges, first placing the tendon on the Yumi and finishing the bows.
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If your looking for survival skills, or just looking for a change in life style to a more simple living, then join up with us.

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