We put out warnings [Started on 8/25/2019 - its at the top of our home page [map gif file] : We posted wait till an all clear was given Well then this happens [Weather Channel in morning] For Her Friends in Miami] - the Weather Channel In The Morning gave an all clear while a CAT -5 was sitting off the coast [ You all know while the Bahamas was getting torn up] - She said she grew up in Florida and well need we say more- We were the first ones to issue a storm warning before it was headed north [ Before it even came near PR][Fact} - people need to listen and pay attention as they had on the coast [When they saw things were getting real] - we NO longer recommend the Weather Channel on any level - everyone knows our site - most do- Buy a NOAA radio - they would never give an all clear with a CAT-5 off our shore line. People died in the Bahams [ask her what she has to say about that? [Incompetence] More On Our Bug Out Page - Link In Header Below
3/21/2020 ::: COVID-19 If we do not fight this Virus Together World Wide Everyone in the world is screwed including our troops in the Middle East - There is no cure at this point this includes Africa as well as Israel - Turkey and many other countries - your hatred of Iran will not only KILL THEM but take everyone else in the path of this Virus - ITS A PANDEMIC! Just Look at our Country " Death on our door step " Your incompetence might have just wiped out humanity as we know it.

The counters we put on our sites are for kicks and giggles, they don't work well, what do you want for free stuff,that and we keep changing them - all our sites are viewed world wide and have been since most were started long ago, thank you to all for your support over the years
And thank you to all groups doing their part !

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They Could Not Handle An All Out - OutBreak - You Know The Deal.

This is extremly laughable on all levels. Rich people not understanding the location of this place is on the net, if all hell breaks loose , how are a few rich people going to fend off 1000's of hungry people, you ever see what looters do when they are scared and hungry and needing fuel and so on. Great project they have going on.
When shit hits the fan [ Google search word SHTF ]- we wish them the best of luck with there underground Tomb !
Yep - we promise to keep it a secert !!

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Shh !!!!! - its a secert location - just pretend you never read about it.
We really hope they have another way out !
Billionaire Bunkers
Google it - Just do it and you will see the rich have got themselves a few used silo projects going on.
So who is right and who is wrong, the writing is on the wall. Our Government has places as well, what do you have ?
These stories are on major news sites - on line.
We have our own game plan, if all hell breaks loose, Do you ?
Survival Condo Project Has nothing to do with our group we are just posting what others are planning for.
Yes we can see they are -well - hidden in an old Government silo everyone knows about, with all the media coverage and tours, the only thing being sold is a sense of false security.