We put out warnings [Started on 8/25/2019 - its at the top of our home page [map gif file] : We posted wait till an all clear was given Well then this happens [Weather Channel in morning] For Her Friends in Miami] - the Weather Channel In The Morning gave an all clear while a CAT -5 was sitting off the coast [ You all know while the Bahamas was getting torn up] - She said she grew up in Florida and well need we say more- We were the first ones to issue a storm warning before it was headed north [ Before it even came near PR][Fact} - people need to listen and pay attention as they had on the coast [When they saw things were getting real] - we NO longer recommend the Weather Channel on any level - everyone knows our site - most do- Buy a NOAA radio - they would never give an all clear with a CAT-5 off our shore line. People died in the Bahams [ask her what she has to say about that? [Incompetence] More On Our Bug Out Page - Link In Header Below
3/21/2020 ::: COVID-19 If we do not fight this Virus Together World Wide Everyone in the world is screwed including our troops in the Middle East - There is no cure at this point this includes Africa as well as Israel - Turkey and many other countries - your hatred of Iran will not only KILL THEM but take everyone else in the path of this Virus - ITS A PANDEMIC! Just Look at our Country " Death on our door step " Your incompetence might have just wiped out humanity as we know it.

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​Survivalist Training Guide

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They Could Not Handle An All Out - OutBreak - You Know The Deal.

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Keeping the crawling insects out of your mouth while you sleep


                                                                                                   Backpacking Old School

                                                           It is pointless to go in the back country with all the GPS programs - Being in the Outdoors and finding your way around is Old School Fun We do however like the Solar Cooking Items -  On the other hand there is nothing like the smell of something cooking over an open fire. If you learn to use a compass and a trail map - study [ do your recon ] have a since of direction - your not going to get lost - but it happens every year people get lost in the woods.

Survivalist Training Guide Prepper Off Grid Living


Learn to use a compass , Go rock climbing
Live free and enjoy life in the great outdoors, take your family on a trip or go as a group and learn what it takes to survive in the great outdoors
Learn what you can gather and eat , learn what herbs to use in cooking

                         Alright - Listen up Weenies -  If you can't handle finding your way to the local Walmart or Getting up in the middle of the night to take a wiz [ without a night light - or GPS ] - Then we have the thing for you. Pre-loaded Weenie Maps.         

                                                                                       Check them out 

We recommend Danner boots, some people who backpack for what ever reason use a low cut boot, the military and those of us who are survivalist use a 8 or 10 in boot.
Danner also makes a great 17 inch snake boot
These boots have been field tested by military and survivalist, we would not recommend anything esle at this point
We have used their boots in 40 below wind chill and 130 degree heat, they worked fine for us.
Make a Checklist!
Don't be like the TV survivalist, check your pack - check it again- have your hiking partner check your pack and you the same. If your the type to hike on your own like many of us - check the pack again make sure its secure.
Newbee Day Packers - tell mommy and daddy where you went - so someone can come rescue you.
Experienced Overnight Packers - have a kickass time