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                   All our websites have things related to the Environment on some level. Our Space Command Center Site will have a lot of information and links to other websites around the world. Russia, China, the Middle East along with the EU all have Space Programs and are advancing toward the future. Really cool stuff. That site is also under construction.[ Up And Running and we are making many changes to keep up with demands]

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   Atmospheric Administration

              We are together transforming the future - the information highway - we only have one planet to live on at the present time and there are many who are giving it their all to save lives - these alert system will aid many in making decisions or predictions about our planet. So remember to be a bit more humble when it comes to things. Get Involved - you might learn a lot of cool things. All this will aid the future of mankind - understanding and saving our planet will aid in future space travel. For every action, there is a reaction.

The Alert Systems 

         Alert Systems Links are being placed on our site. You need to be proactive in how you live your life. We are building a network at the present time. Be Prepared. [ We can't do it for you] We can along with others put out warnings, if you don't heed the warnings set forth then that is your issue - [They do sell life insurance for risk takers] - or you can learn to have a plan in place - you think by now, you all would have seen it for yourself. Things happen and they happen when you least expect it. You also see when it comes to disasters and terrorism - our Government is completely worthless. Yet there are many on the ground who do care and fighting to make changes - NOAA and many others. When  [SHTF] disaster breaks out 9 times out of 10  your on your own - our fly-boys cannot go out in bad weather - hurricane-strength winds, so if you're not going to heed the warnings and be stupid then that is a choice

you made. Over the years many good people have died trying to save lives. Your being stupid will not only cost you - your life but others. Grow up! Put a plan in place - we understand there are those with little means to get out of harm's way. We are working on that issue. And fighting hard for everyone. We get it. We have all fallen on hard times at some point in our lives - yes the working folks. 

Alert Systems

We put out warnings [Started on 8/25/2019 - its at the top of our home page [map gif file] : We posted wait till an all clear was given Well then this happens [Weather Channel in morning] For Her Friends in Miami] - the Weather Channel In The Morning gave an all clear while a CAT -5 was sitting off the coast [ You all know while the Bahamas was getting torn up] - She said she grew up in Florida and well need we say more- We were the first ones to issue a storm warning before it was headed north [ Before it even came near PR][Fact} - people need to listen and pay attention as they had on the coast [When they saw things were getting real] - we NO longer recommend the Weather Channel on any level - everyone knows our site - most do- Buy a NOAA radio - they would never give an all clear with a CAT-5 off our shore line. People died in the Bahams [ask her what she has to say about that? [Incompetence] More On Our Bug Out Page - Link In Header Below

The counters we put on our sites are for kicks and giggles, they don't work well, what do you want for free stuff,that and we keep changing them - all our sites are viewed world wide and have been since most were started long ago, thank you to all for your support over the years
And thank you to all groups doing their part !
On January 21, 2020, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced the first confirmed :: Taiwan timely identifies first imported case of 2019 novel coronavirus infection returning from Wuhan, China through onboard quarantine; Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) raises travel notice level for Wuhan, China to Level 3: Warning
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12/31/2019 Complete up grade of WebSite taking place - Our world is changing - And we need to adapt to it - An old saying "Survival Of The Fittest!" From Climate Change - Power Changing Hands and those trying to remove our rights - We stay alert 24/7.