Buying Used Gear
Ebay is a great place to get good packs. A Alice pac or Ruck Sack can cost $100- $200 depending on condition and can hold weight.Our site is under construction, and we will have pages up and running very soon, thank you for visiting.
This Blackhawk bag is older and a great one to have if you can find one in good shape.This was on ebay for $189.00. We might sugguest Craigslist as well.
Making your own bait Fly Tying
Matching the hatch or simple looking at the insects in the water and shore line and see when the fish are feeding offers great more results in catching a meal whne stuck in the outddors. a simple fishing travel pack can be added to your pack ( bug out bag)
More coming soon
You are your own worst Enemy in the woods. Snakes , little critters who will get at your supply of food, and big critters who will tear your ass up over your food. Along with hidden danagers : Fallen rock zones, tree branches, slippery rocks in stream beds.
Think about what your doing, pay attention it's free !

is an urban laboratory focused on innovative design, community, and environmental accountability. Our goal is to actively pursue lean alternatives to urban sprawl based on Paolo Soleri's theory of compact city design, Arcology (architecture + ecology).
Built by over 7,000 volunteers since the commencement of the project in 1970, Arcosanti provides various mixed-use buildings and public spaces where people live, work, visit, and participate in educational and cultural programs."
Tiny Critters who could screw up your whole day and worst in some cases could have deadly result's.

Doomsday Seed Vault Or Global Seed Vault

The photos you can find with a simple google search.
Point of this post is that it was put together ( Doomsday Vault ) in case of man made or natural disaster.
So you think Survivalist have gotten a bad rap on thing's , we don't think so, with all those Educated fuddy duddies funding and building projects like this one.
One makes themselves wonder ? Do people know things I do not know? Well yep.
Most people are complacent , never thinking it can happen to them.
Well it does and can and can be prevented by paying attention to thing's around you.
The old saying "SHTF - When the Shit Hits The Fan ", you will wish you listended to many of the websites out there. As your being warned about Climate change and terrorism and all the other crap going on, we ourselves have already put a game plan into survival. We have lived through things like many of you.
You can simply listen and learn or hide under the bed and wait for the Government to come help. And we all know how that goes, it's churches rescue groups like ours and others who are first on ground helping.
Remember The Old Civil Defence groups back when.
Point get your head out of your butt ! And learn something.
Terrorism is on the rise and alot of good that MOAB's did when it was dropped on the terrorist, they just went right back to blowing thing's up.That's fact and on our Freedom News Network Website.
Are You Prepared
I can bet dollars to donuts your not, nor is your Governemnt.
On 911 with in less then 24 hours a great bunch of people had trucks and heavy moving EQ ready to roll to NYC if needed.
I personally made sure my family was safe that morning , in a safe location and we went to town putting a disaster team together in Upstate NY.
With all the terrorist attacks going on , its only a matter of time.
Our own Government has admitted they have never dealt with things , nor seen things that are transpiring today.
So with that being said, take time to learn . It's your ass that will be on the line when it does happen, are you prepared to care for your family, are you really
Think about it. There was a first trying at the towers, need I remind you, and guess what years later they did it.
So if you think terrorism is going away, it's not !
And that is a huge fact ! Look how many in the past 7 years !
Build A website at Godaddy, need help just ask us , you can get help from this website on building your own as well.

Survivalist Training Guide Prepper off Grid Living

Business Ad

Ontario Knife Company
Founded in 1889, Ontario Knife Company® has been making cutlery and tools in Upstate New York for over 125 years. OKC has been a major supplier to the United States Armed Forces since WWII and continues that tradition today with over 50 active NSNs. Ontario Knife Company’s products are overbuilt and purpose driven to fulfill the promise of our slogan – The Knife You Need When You Need a Knife®
The Sniper SPAX was originally created with a detachable spade for US military snipers to quickly dig out a hiding spot, but is being made available to civilians for the first time. Versatile and rugged, this tool is a timesaver on camping trips and a lifesaver in emergencies.
The Great Outdoors
Nail clippers
Yep there is 101 reasons to have a couple pair with you.
They work great for cutting the skin around an infected area, been there done that a few times. You will find that you will feel much better once that little thing stuck under your skin is out.
While out cutting tree's one day a friend got a silver under his skin , of course I laughted my ass off and handed him a pair of nail clippers. Well if he didn't say ""damn man that was simple and thank you."
Keep clippers clean in little pouch ( and boil after a friend use's them ) You don't want to clean up one issue and get an other. In other words THINK !
You all get that point and we will have more tip's on taking care of your self. Coming soon
Fishing Hooks
Simple file the barb off your hook before going fishing.
DO NOT pull it out , as some of you have done. Feed the barb the rest of the way out clip off the barb from the hook end and feed it back out , just as simple to have on fishing googles and not your beer googles.
If you all knew how to fish proper you wouldn't need that barb on it.
Sharpen the hooks, set and reel in. More fishing tips coming soon.
Soap Making From Fat and Wood Ash
Keeping clean off grid is very easy to do. We will go into great detail in the near future.You can google it , as this is widely covered by many : off grid and survivalist sites. One thing to remember is stick to stainless steel in your gear, it is very easy to care for and along with the fact, if your making your own soaps and other items for canning and candle making ect.. , it's just best to have good stuff in your bug out bag from the get go.
Brevard County Sheriffs
Law Enforcement States Citizens True First Line Of Defence
Take time to listen to this message from Sheriff Wayne Ivey
We personally gave these type of socks a big work out and highly recommend looking into this type of sock. Just Do It! You won't be sorry, and don't cry over the price they are worth every penny ( there are different brands same concept )
Global Security
There is a complete lack of leadership when it comes to security. Just one of many stories , below , that goes to show you no one is safe from a terrorist attack. No one.
It's time to make change's and get on board with people who can solve issue's.
You can also go direct to our security site.
National Gun Association Security Division

Survivalist Training Guide Prepper Off Grid Living

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Cold War Bunkers
This was reality and during the cold war many were built, fact is our Government has many of. So with that being said, reality is reality and people have done this for a long time in this country and are still doing it.
We got to visit with some people who had one in there home, that was built back when, very cool set up.
The way the world is going with Nukes its not a bad idea and being revisited by many including our Government , again if STHF who is going to protect you and your family?
When Russian Insider made reference to having the capability of taking out 112.6 million people on the east coast in a single day (Their website 2016), we no longer find it funny with what is going on. And now the chance Nukes are going to be sold to Japan of all places and South Korea, thats when the writting on the wall is called reality !

WARNING : It is recommended you read everyones warnings about Lye, from getting burned by chemical reactions to Explosions caused by being stupid, yes even making soap can cause issues and remember your in the outdoors : there is no ER out there and no way to recover your eye site, and you would have to be an expert to walk out of the mountians blind, most of you can not even cook a fish right, so THINK ! ( And yes we are experts and some of us at Survivalist Training Guide could do it , that is walk out of the woods blind ) ( Do not forget about problems with rocks popping in a fire ). You do not need to cook on a rock if your prepared in the first place.
Scroll Down Home Page For Updates,We will add To This Site Every Weekend
Two of your best friends : Local Honey and Vit C
Holy Bible Military Edition
If your a God fearing man Or women, buy one and put it in your bug out bag.
You can buy them on line.
This NIV Holy Bible, Military Edition is the perfect gift for any military personnel serving in the Air Force, Coast Guard, or Navy. This portable and compact Bible includes the full text of the New International Version and is easy to pack along with other necessary supplies.
Honing A Knife
The Hard Arkansas stone is made of a stone called novaculite. This stone, quarried in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas and Oklahoma, is almost pure silica which makes a great surface for sharpening knives and tools. The Hard Arkansas stone is finer than the Soft Arkansas stone so it leaves a finer edge.

The Crosshairs is the target location for all of your Public Safety, Security, Military, Hunting, Camping, Paintball, Airsoft and Survival needs.
Are you now, have you ever been, or know anyone that has served in the U.S. Military? What about Law Enforcement Security, or Public Safety? Do you enjoy Paintball or Airsoft? Or maybe a hunter or an outdoors-man?” If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then The Crosshairs has something for you!!!!

The Crosshairs is a family owned and operated retail store based out of Orlando, Florida. The company started small on eBay in 2007, but has grown ever since. We provide equipment to our servicemen and women, as well as numerous law enforcement agencies and SWAT teams worldwide.

We continue to maintain a clear and strategic direction by supplying our customers with a reasonably priced assortment of quality merchandise.

Troy Edwards, Sr. Detective (Ret)

The Crosshairs was founded by Troy Edwards, a Senior Police Detective from Central Florida, who specialized in Homicide and Child/Sex Crime investigations. He has advanced firearms training, hand-to-hand combat and defensive tactics, martial arts experience, close quarters combat (CQB), survival techniques, long range marksmanship/sniper, ghillie suit construction, emergency medical training, surveillance & counter-surveillance, hostage negotiations and security. He is educated in criminal law and psychology bloodstain pattern analysis and criminology. All of our employees have a military, Government or law enforcement background.

Today, The Crosshairs is striving to be a premiere supplier of military, tactical and outdoor gear, and to meet the needs of our diverse and ever-changing customer base. We offer direct and personal service and we want to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Thanks to our partners such as Wounded Warrior, NAVY MOMS, The Lone Survivor and many more, we are proud to be a continuing supporter of our troops!

We are pleased to announce that we have recently partnered with Orange County Schools in Orlando to supply uniforms, boots and accessories to the JROTC units.
It's a fact that the digital age can be man kinds down fall in some respect.
We worked with FEMA and many other's. Matter of fact we had talks with a group of Government workers who came up to New York State After the big storm's. Their Idea was to put rain and water level messuring devices along the river. ( Educated fools ).
We asked them how they were going to get the word out, they said Time Warner ( TV ) , ( OK ) ( Wrong answer we all know when the power goes out their is no TV service.
You smart ones get the point on where that conversation went, and yes we were not nice to them on any level. They finaly saw our veiw points.
Fact we only have each other in time of need.
When and if the terror network figure's out how to shut thing's down we are screwed ( well most of you are and that's a fact )
Look at Storm Sandy just for example, no power - no fuel- no real help from the Government and thats a damn fact.
We will have new email address and communications up in the near future.
We highly recommend getting radio EQ. Form your groups ( Preppers ) and chip in for EQ.
Survivalist Training Guide learning to prepare for natural disasters, acquiring skills to survive. And what to do in the new age of terrorism.
The training and skills you need to protect you and your family are no longer an option, but a reality you need to face.
Prepare yourself and your family. Learn survival skills and take a firearms training course and have a plan of action.

Alternative Living
Our website is still being worked on, with that being said you can google commune living. It's a life style that has worked for some over the years simple living. More will be on our off grid living page shortly.
The famous Danish freetown Christiania was founded in 1971 when a group of hippies took over abandoned military barracks and their surrounding along the Christianshavn canals and developed the area to an alternative society with own set of rules, independent of the government. "
Extended Survival Trip Needs


The famous Danish freetown Christiania was founded in 1971 when a group of hippies took over abandoned military barracks and their surrounding along the Christianshavn canals and developed the area to an alternative society with own set of rules, independent of the government. "